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Sea of Change - The first album from The League of Ukulele Gentlemen

Sea of Change is a live studio recording, produced by Brown Sounds of Otley - giving listeners a live experience, with studio quality recording. This provides a close experience to a live gig, with the bonus of superb sound quality.

The eight tracks are all original songs and arrangements by The League of Ukulele Gentlemen, with their signature big sound - incorporating Andy Webster's powerful and distinctive vocals and rhythmic ukulele, Matt Warnes's effects-driven, huge sounding ukulele lead work and Jerry King's anchoring ukulele bass and rich tapestry of synth.


Sea of Change - King - A haunting, but ultimately uplifting opener, with synthesiser and reverb-heavy uke echoing each other as the lyrics unfold.

Red of Winter's Dawn - Warnes - A fast paced story of love lost, but fondly remembered, accompanied by James Hill-style riffs and powerful three part harmonies.

BudaChild - Webster/King - Familiar melodies of modern classics meld together in this crowd-pleasing original arrangement.


The Maid of Raven's Crag - Webster - A rocky folk tale of danger and distress at the hand's of the mythical maid, full of harmony and crunchy uke distortion.


Blue Eyes - Warnes - The pace builds throughout this story of redemption, with searing ukulele melody played against a backdrop of huge-sounding synth


Catalonian Odyssey - Webster - An instrumental inspired by the music of the Iberian peninsula, building from a melodic start to a fiesta-inspired finish.


Breathe - King - Take a sprinkling of a Bach Cello Concerto, add in though-provoking lyrics and The League's signature sound comes into its own.


The Keeping it Real, Reel - Webster - A rapidly-paced instrumental that showcases the skills of each band member in a foot-stomping finale.

Sea Of Studio Album

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